How to talk to your team about Helpful



Align on the goal

Help the team focus on feeling great - more human and aligned. Who doesn’t want to feel great?



Start small and specific

Start with one specific practice you all agree to follow for one month. Most teams start with daily status updates, but there are dozens of ways to say it better with video.



Yup, it’s weird at first…

Sending mobile video at work is new and can feel weird at first. Acknowledge that weirdness! Most people feel totally comfortable after about 8 videos.



Bonus: Don’t forget to have fun!

Video is fun in unexpected ways. It’s normal for your team to start sharing fun moments. Encourage this and allow your team to be human at work.


Let us know how we can be Helpful.

We’re here to help you get started, share best practices, and provide you with technical support. Send us a video!