Stories are for teams

Sharing stories with your team is easy – and safe. Everyone who has verified their work email at your company should be able to share and watch your stories. Nobody outside your company can see your stories.

Stories are here

Your story

Your story is all about you! When your story looks like the one above (with the blue plus) it's empty. You can add your story here, or record it from the main camera button.

Your team's stories

When your team posts stories, new ones will have the rainbow ring like Suzie's above. Once you've watched their story, the ring disappears but you can still watch their story.

Stories are for sharing

Stories can be about anything. We recommend starting with an announcement or sharing something fun at work. You can share your own story or someone else's to documents, Slack, or anywhere you can paste a link by tapping the upward pointing arrow at the bottom of a story. Tap Share story or Copy link. These links last forever though, so be careful what you share outside your company.

If you need more information or just want to chat about Helpful, send us a message. We're Helpful Support.