Exciting updates coming your way.

Starting Monday, January 23rd with Helpful you'll have new superpowers on iOS, Android and Web! A searchable employee directory that never goes out of date. And a completely new way to communicate!

Introducing Video

Send video messages to your coworkers. Share ideas, exciting news and make your daily updates fun.

  1. Scroll through the directory or search for your colleagues name
  2. Tap and hold their profile picture
  3. Record the video...and off it goes
  4. Videos sent to you will appear at the top of the main screen

View and send videos on iOS. Receive videos on Android and stay tuned for the ability to send videos in the next few weeks.


Always up to date

Tired of a directory that's always out of date? Fear no more! You can approve edits from your team, or nudge your coworkers to get their profiles in shape.

  1. Search or scroll to find your coworker
  2. Open their profile, scroll to the bottom and suggest an edit
  3. Update their profile or nudge them to add missing info
  4. Your coworker will get a notification to approve your suggestion

Available on both iOS and Android.

Search for who's new

New faces are joining your company all the time. Quickly find new hires and never forget a face again.

Try any of the searches below:

  • Who joined last week?
  • Who started last month?
  • Who joined in November?
  • Who started January 3rd?
  • Who reports to John Smith?

Available on both iOS and Android.