Feel great at work

Change how your team feels in just a few weeks. Commit to the practice of daily communication with Helpful.

Make it personal

Helpful takes your team to where you are with mobile video. It's fast and easy to share videos, images, audio, and links. With automatic captions, your team can watch videos in loud or quiet places.

“With me travelling a lot, it’s important for me to have face time with my team to share my experiences and motivate my team.”

Gavin Gray, CEO, Oomf

Easy to share

Helpful is great for broadcasting to individuals and groups. Your team doesn't need to download Helpful to watch or reply to videos – they can watch them on the web or other platforms like Slack.

“Our team is traveling all the time. We have clients in New York, the Design Team is in San Diego and our developers are in Toronto. We talk to all of them over Helpful.”

Deepika Gauba, Product Manager, TribalScale

Work, friendly

Helpful is a professional video messenger, which means you can use your own branding. It integrates with your existing work tools and all of your videos are backed by enterprise level security.

“Helpful creates an emotional attachment with one another, which leads to emotional attachments with our customers.”

Jeffrey Siegal CEO, Geriatric Medical


Asynchronous video

No need to schedule a meeting. Share fast video messages that you can watch on your own time.

Send to email

You can send Helpful videos to any email address, even if they don't have Helpful installed.

Automatic captions

Your videos automatically caption as you talk, so your message can be read even in quiet or loud places.

Group messaging

Threaded group conversations make collaborations easy.


Share one-way announcements to your team or company.

Add text and drawing

Annotate your images with built-in text and drawing tools.

Share links

Attach website and file links to videos and photos.

Branded profiles

Add your company branding to your video pages.

Integrate with Slack

Easily share videos to Slack and re-create your Slack groups on Helpful.