How it Works

What is Helpful?

Teams use Helpful to share video updates at work.

Video updates are the fastest and most authentic way to convey your tone and expression, making it easy to get your message across.

You can use Helpful to send status updates, broadcast news, give feedback, or share ideas. You can send an update to anyone in your contacts - even if they’re not on Helpful.

Getting Started

You can start using Helpful in less than five minutes. 

1) Download the app

Helpful is available on iOS and Android.

2) Connect your contacts

Add contacts to Helpful by connecting with Slack, Google, or your phone contacts. Don't worry, we won't spam your contacts. They'll only receive a notification from you if you send them a message.

3) Send your first update

Tap and Hold on the video button to record your update. You can use the front or back facing camera. You can choose to record a video or share a photo.

When would I send a video update at work?

The best time to send a video is anytime you want to quickly update your team. Helpful is great for sharing what you're working on, updating the team after a meeting, showing off your work, or sharing announcements. The next time you start a sentence with "Hey Team", you should send your team a video update instead. Each team will find their own way to use Helpful.

Isn't sending a video update at work kind of weird?

Yes, if you've never recorded a video on Snapchat or Facebook or Instagram, this might seem a bit weird at first! Fortunately, after the first few videos, we find that people start to relax and realize that they should just talk naturally to send authentic updates at work. It's much faster than typing.

We're also sure that your younger colleagues are going to find it perfectly normal to send video updates.

I already use video at work, why do I need Helpful?

You likely already use video conferencing at work. While real-time video is powerful, it's also a pain to set up and run. You need to schedule a meeting, set up a video conference, book a meeting room, and spend 5 minutes fumbling through links, downloads, and audio difficulties before you can get started.

Helpful combines the power of video with the ease of text and instant messaging. You can quickly and easily record a 30 second video updates and send it to an individual or a group at work.  They'll be able to watch the video and send you a reply. It's that easy.

How much does Helpful cost?

Helpful is still in Beta, so we are not charging any of our Beta users. You can use Helpful to send video updates with your team for free.

I have more questions!

We can't wait to hear from you. The fastest and easiest way to reach us is by downloading the app and sending a video to "Team Helpful". If you want to do it the old-fashioned way, you can also send us an email at