Get Started Guide

Thanks for checking out Helpful! We've assembled everything that you need to know about getting started with Helpful on this page.

What is Helpful?

Helpful is a video messenger for professionals.

Teams use Helpful to communicate and share knowledge at work in a more human way.

I already use video at work, so why do I need Helpful?

You have likely used tools like Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom or WebEx to host video meetings at work.  While real-time video is powerful, it's also a pain to set up and run. You need to schedule a meeting, set up a video conference, book a meeting room, and spend 5 minutes fumbling through links, downloads, and audio difficulties before you can get started.

Helpful combines the power of video with the ease of text and instant messaging. You can quickly and easily record a 22 second video message and send it to an individual or a group at work.  They'll be able to watch the video and send you a reply. It's that easy.

Isn't sending a video message at work kind of weird?

Yes, it's weird at first. But after a few videos, you're going to see just how awesome it is.

There's a reason why Snapchat users send more than 2.5 billion (yes, with a "B") video messages every day. Video messages are more expressive than text, faster than typing, and get your message across way easier. Your team is going to love it.

Because we're so used to typing at work, there is still a social stigma around recording a video message by talking into you phone.  That's what might feel a bit weird at first.

However, things that seem weird at first, quickly become common place in our society. For example, do you remember how weird it used to be to walk down the street and talk on your phone with headphones? People used to think that you were talking to yourself.  Or how about sending your first selfie? People use to wonder, would anyone ever take a photo like that? 

The reality is that social norms are changing all the time. Pretty soon, talking into your phone is going to be as common as taking a selfie. Your colleagues in their 20s already don't find this weird at all - after all, they're used to sending these types of messages on Snapchat.

When would I send a video message at work?

Early customers of Helpful tell us that video messages are 10x better for:

- Improving status meetings / stand-ups: instead of having long and disorganized status meetings, ask everyone on your team to send in their update by video.
- Giving recognition and feedback: video is way more expressive than text!
- Sharing information on the road: stay connected when you're out of the office and share your trip updates with your team.
- Broadcasting announcements: unlike emails that won't get read, your team will actually want to watch your video announcements.

How do I check out the app?

To get started, you need to create a team. A team is just the group of people that you work with.

 1) Download Helpful for iOS or Android.
2) Enter your work email to create your team (at this time, only G Suite Domains are allowed).
3) Once you have been approved, sign in using your Google Credentials.
4) Invite your colleagues.
5) Send your first video!

What should I tell my team?

We recommend telling your team that you want to try a new tool to improve your daily/weekly status meetings. Instead of having your regular status meeting, ask your team to record and send in their video updates to Helpful. Then everyone on the team can watch the videos to get the same page. For the average 10 person team that does stand-ups daily, this will save your team more 6 hours per week!

Teams are often resistant to trying out new tools and technologies, so we recommend framing it as a 2 or 3 week experiment and seeing if you like it.  The best way to get your team onboard is by sending each each person a video message. If they see you sending videos, they'll be more likely to try sending them too.

How much does Helpful cost?

Helpful is still in Beta, so we are not charging any of our Beta users. You can use Helpful to send video messages for free.

I see Messages and Team Stories when I open the app, what's the difference?

We're glad that you asked. There's two ways to content with Helpful:


Video messages are the fastest way to get your message across.

Helpful videos are just 22 seconds long and they disappear 24 hours after they've been watched. 

Video messages can be sent to an individual or a group and they're not searchable.

Video messages are great for: 
- Improving status meetings / stand-ups
- Giving recognition and feedback
- Sharing information on the road

Team Stories

Team Stories are for sharing video content that you want to keep. Think of it as your video wiki.

Team Stories do not disappear. The ten most recent Team Stories are visible at the top the app. All your Team Stories are transcribed and searchable inside of Helpful.

Team stories are great for:
- Broadcasting announcements
- Showing off work product
- Answering your FAQs

Are my videos and data secure?

Yes, Helpful has enterprise-grade security and privacy standards. Helpful is trusted by large enterprises including banks. You can view a summary of our security policies here. You can also view our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

I have more questions / comments / feedback

Helpful is an early stage product and we really appreciate your questions, feedback, and for reporting any bugs that you find.  You can contact us by email or submit your feedback below (we'll even send you a t-shirt!):