How to use Helpful



What is Helpful?

Helpful is for sharing professional video messages at work. Most teams start with daily updates every morning at 9am. You can share updates with anyone, even if they’ve never used Helpful.



Download Helpful

You can send video updates to anyone using Helpful's iOS and Android apps.


Get your team started

Get your team to experience the power of fast video updates with magical transcriptions. Simply record a welcome video and send it where your team works best – like email or Slack.


Share daily team updates

Your team works better when everyone is informed. Use Helpful for quick daily updates every morning. Tell your team to share what they did yesterday, what they plan to do today, and if they need any help. It’s fast and efficient to get everyone on the same page.


It's weird at first... then it feels awesome

Teams that adopt Helpful find that sending video messages at work is weird at first. However, once after just a few videos, you'll realize just how awesome it is. Make sure to commit to trying Helpful for at least two weeks with your team to get the full experience.

Transform your team with video

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Let Helpful help you

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