Feel human at work.

It’s hard to engage employees today. We can help.
Helpful is a completely new approach to bring people together.
It’s authentic video communication for modern companies.


Built for the mobile generation

Beautiful mobile experience so you can send messages when you're on the go.

Zero friction to get started

Send your update to any email or text message. No download is required to watch your video.

Magical Captions

Videos automatically caption so you can get the message even in quiet or loud places.


How leaders use Helpful to engage their teams

“Helpful creates an emotional attachment with one another, which leads to emotional attachments with our customers.”

Jeffrey Siegal
CEO, Geriatric Medical

“I love using Helpful to share what’s on my mind”

David Cancel
CEO, Drift

“I can give creative and constructive feedback without worrying that my message is going to be taken the wrong way.”

Jason Marlowe
Partner, Market House


We’re on a mission to help your team feel more human at work.


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