What to Eat After the Stomach Flu

When an individual suffers from the stomach flu it can be so unpleasant and intense that they never want to eat again, many worry about suffering a relapse, but it is essential that they top up their energy levels again.

The stomach flu involves unpleasant episodes of vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach cramps, and it can cause an individual to lose their appetite. People quite often suffer with dehydration because they cannot face food, drink, or because they are terrified it will return. If the individual is persistent and continues to not eat and drink, they may well end up in the hospital with severe dehydration.

Keeping Liquid down Following an Illness

  • It is essential to drink as soon after the stomach flu as possible, as dehydration is very unpleasant and the individual may even need medical attention. Once you have not been sick for over two hours, it is a good sign that you are on the road to recovery. At this stage, you may want to consider having a few sips of water to remain hydrated.
  • If you have had diarrhea as well, you will want to wait until four hours after the symptoms have subsided. It is a good idea to start with water or other clear liquids after the stomach flu, then once you are confidently keeping those down you can think about eating some solid food.

Deciding When and What to Eat After the Stomach Flu

  • Once you can keep down water and other fluids, it may be time to start to eating solid foods. The first sign that you will experience will be hunger, it may present as a feeling, a rumbling, or even as a pain. It is usually twelve to twenty four hours following the symptoms before you will want to eat again. People always want to be sure that they can keep their food down, as an assurance bland food is excellent. The most common foods that people try are bananas and toast, bananas contain natural sugars for energy, and toast contains natural carbohydrate to fill you up.
  • You can also use your common sense as well, including crackers and rice cakes as suitable foods. After a day of eating bland foods, it may be time to start eating your usual diet again. Following the stomach flu, you can enjoy bland and small portions until you are feeling better.