What to do if you Forget your Cell Phone Password

Although it can be very frustrating to forget your cell phone password, there are a number of steps you can take to help re-gain access to your phone and re-set the password.

If you have been unlucky enough to forget your cell phone password, you can feel both frustrated and isolated without the contact your cell phone provides. There are, however, several tried-and-true tips that may work for you and help you avoid the more tedious unlocking procedures.

Some common numbers

  • There are several commonly used codes that may help you to quickly unlock your cell phone. First of all, you can try the last four digits of your phone number. If this doesn't work, try obvious codes such as '9999' or '1234'. If there are any codes that seem familiar to you, such as birthdays, then these are probably worth a shot as well.

IMEI number

  • The IMEI number is your International Mobile Equipment Identity number. Sometimes the last four digits of this number will be the password to gain access to your mobile phone. You can find this number by opening the back of your phone and removing the battery. Your IMEI number should be printed behind the battery, although this may vary between different makes.

Formatting the phone

  • If you forget your cell phone password then formatting your cell phone is a sure fire yet slightly excessive method of unlocking the phone. Formatting will reset the password, allowing you to create any password you choose, but it will also result in wiping everything from the phone, including all of your contacts, photographs and other media and any games or applications that you might have downloaded at any point. It will be extremely useful if you have backed up all of the data from your mobile phone, or at least made a copy of all of your contacts and kept it safe somewhere.
  • To format your phone, switch your cell phone on whilst holding down the green call button, the star button and three. This three-button combination will run a hard format of your cell phone. As was mentioned earlier, this is a rather extreme solution to what to do when you forget your cell phone password.

Obtain the PUK code

  • The PUK code or 'Personal Unblocking Key' is provided by your service provider, and can be used to unlock a phone after you have unsuccessfully attempted to access your phone using your password. This is an automated service in case you forget your cell phone password; the PUK code is usually valid for up to 28 days.