The Top Beaches in Europe

With their radiant and sparkling blue waters, travelers come from all over the globe to visit beaches in Europe, where there is a fine mix of styles to accommodate anyone!

There are a lot of beaches in Europe, all around the continent. The beaches here offer travelers a spectacular view of glittering water all the way out to the horizon, cool breezes, and beautiful sand. There are many different styles of beaches, such as fun parties or sophisticated fun. Relaxation is rule here, and you can guarantee that no matter which beach you choose this holiday, you are sure to find what you are looking for.



The Wonderous French Shores

  • Biarritz Beach has been named one of the top beaches in Europe by some. Located in France, this beach has dedicated swimming and surfing areas, cafes, resorts and bars for you to enjoy your time in. There is also an annual festival that has been attracting visitors for over forty years.
  • St. Tropez beach is one of the classiest beaches in Europe. It is located on the French Riviera, and is most famous for its wealthy guests that stay here throughout the year. In addition to being a great place to spot celebrities, you can find high-class lodging and dining here.


Exploring the Coasts of Spain

  • Ibiza Beach has also been named as one of the top beaches in Europe. This beach is actually an island in Spain. It has more of a party atmosphere, and offers its visitors a variety of music with DJs, nightclubs, and parties.
  • Tarifa Beach, also located in Spain, is one of the windiest beaches in the world. This beach is very attractive to surfers, who love to surf against the wind. This beach also has organized water sport events each year. One side of the beach is bordered by peaks, which makes in an ideal place for rock climbing as well. 


The Unforgettable Beauty of Greece

  • Located in Greece, Kefalonia Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches. Here you can find more natural beauty, rather than man-made attractions. This beach is a calming retreat for your mind and soul.
  • While you are at it, consider doing some good island-hopping in this beautiful country. Trips to beaches on the islands of Santori and Mykonos, for example, will deliver you into vacation paradise.