Thanksgiving Desserts to Impress Everyone

When thinking of "Thanksgiving desserts," it is hard not to think of warm pumpkin pie or a delicious pecan pie, but why not add a little variety to this year's Thanksgiving with something a little different.

There are many alternatives to the traditional pecan and pumpkin pie for desserts. Some examples are Almond Butter Stuffed Pears, Apple Bread Pudding, Butternut Squash Cake Rolls, and Caramel pumpkin Tiramisu. With these delectable choices, everyone is sure to find something that they love.

Fruits Are Fantastic For Thanksgiving
Fruits have great nutritional value and they taste great! A dessert that includes these incredible foods is Almond Butter Stuffed Pears. Pears are wonderful Thanksgiving desserts because of their health benefits and because they taste great, too. Pears are a great snack (or dessert) because they are rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants. By adding some almond butter, brown sugar and white wine; this fruit is made even more irresistible.

A New Twist On Classic Thanksgiving Desserts
Everyone loves traditions, but every once in awhile it is fun to add a twist to a traditional, classic dish. When most people think of Thanksgiving desserts, they think of pumpkins and spices. Some delicious desserts that are inspired by these are Apple Bread Pudding, Butternut Squash Cake Rolls, and Caramel Pumpkin Tiramisu. Apple Bread Pudding, with melted cinnamon chips drizzled on top, is perfectly spiced, just like traditional Thanksgiving desserts. It is a scrumptious dish containing tart apples, sweet brown sugar, bread, and spices. Butternut Squash Cake Rolls, with cinnamon and walnuts, have a flavor that will impress everyone. With the butternut squash, spices, and sugar, it will most definitely satisfy. Caramel Pumpkin Tiramisu is also perfect for a Thanksgiving dessert. It is a unique and creative twist to the traditional pumpkin pie, making it special and delicious. With its rich pumpkin and spice flavors, it is sure to impress your family and friends. With all these choices of desserts, Thanksgiving desserts will always be unique and impressive!