Spending a Gap Year in Australia

Taking a gap year in Australia can be a magnificent and rewarding experience, but there are many things to think about during the planning stages.

Australia is a very special place in the world due to its unique natural environment and diverse culture. This is why thousands of young people choose to visit every year for a gap year working holiday. There is a scheme in place that allows those aged thrity years old or younger to get a working permit for their gap year in Australia. This means that people are able to fund their travels by working during this year.

Why choose Australia?

  • Australia is one of the most fascinating places on the planet and due to its size and location; there are many different landscapes and environments to enjoy and explore, as well as many great towns and cities. It is a country steeped in history and there are natural wonders all around. There are opportunities in all areas and many different types of job can be found.
  • Due to the large tourist industry there are many short terms jobs available in the hospitality sector. This could be an ideal way to earn extra money whilst travelling. If office work is preferred then there are usually jobs available in the cities and these can be arranged beforehand. If the idea of the trip is to experience a whole new world then maybe it is worth looking into farm work in the more rural areas of the country. It will certainly be an experience different from any other.

How to organize it

  • There are very strict rules and regulations for spending a gap year in Australia and the correct visas and documentation must be arranged. The Working holiday visa or WHV needs to be applied for and this can be done through a company or by an individual. The working gap year in Australia scheme can only be completed by each person once and cannot be reapplied for once completed.
  • Some people prefer to try and source jobs for their gap year in Australia before they embark on their trip, whilst others get there and then begin looking in the local area that they end up in. Either system can be effective and both have their advantages. There are also specialist recruitment agencies that will source work for people on their gap year in Australia.