Simple Ways to Get Rid of a Cold

A common cold, although a relatively minor condition, can have a very negative effect on your day, but there are a number of simple things you can do to help get rid of a cold.

It is true that there is no cure for a cold as typically, up to 200 different viruses produce the symptoms of the illness. However, each symptom can be treated using a variety of methods or medications, which will eventually help sufferers get rid of a cold.

Identifying The Symptoms Of A Cold

  • Often, a sufferer may experience a range of symptoms which indicate that they have a cold. Sufferers may have a runny nose, sore throat, may sneeze, cough, feel fatigued, have a headache and fever. In many cases, individuals will experience a combination of these unpleasant symptoms. In order to get rid of a cold, it is important to select the appropriate treatment for the symptoms.


  • Paracetamol can be taken to reduce an individuals temperature, and should be taken every four hours or as indicated on the box. Analgesics also help reduce temperature and relieve headaches. Cold and flu remedies usually contain analgesics and are available over-the-counter. Expectorants help reduce mucous and break up phlem in the lungs. Consequently, these medications are considered very effective when trying to get rid of a cold.

Diet, Fluids And Supplements

  • Vitamins C supplements will help boost one's immune system and therefore, lead to a faster recovery. Likewise, a nutritious diet containing lots of fruit and vegetables will provide one's body with the energy needed to fight the virus. However, dairy products are believed to stimulate mucus, prolonging symptoms and should be avoided during illness. In addition to helping one's body maintain the necessary levels of fluids, drinking water can also help to decrease mucus buildup, and therefore, alleviate symptoms.


  • It is important to get plenty of rest and this is the advice usually offered by GPs. Inhaling steam is often very effective in helping clear nasal passages and can therefore, offer immediate relief. Placing one's head over a bowl full of boiling water is one way to inhale steam. However, taking a bath or shower with the windows closed, will also create a steam filled environment which will allow a sufferer to breathe more easily and eventually help get rid of a cold.