Packable Jackets - Holiday Essentials

Nothing ruins a holiday faster than arriving at the destination unprepared for weather that is windy, rainy and cold, which is why packable jackets are an absolute necessity.

Travel and the prospect of changing weather can present a challenge when making preparations. However, with modern advances in synthetic fabrics and the plethora of style and color options to choose from, everyone can bring a stylish and warm jacket, without taking up too much luggage space.

Function and Details
It is hard to look fresh and stylish with a jacket that is wrinkled. Therefore, look for packable jackets made from micro-fiber fabrics, like polyester and nylon, which will shed wrinkles. These materials are also lightweight, waterproof or water-repellant, and breathable, all vital components to keep travelers warm and dry. Many even come with their own knapsack style pouch, which is nice if the coat is still wet or damp, yet still easy to pack. Simply toss the pouch into a carry-on tote.

Other models actually fold up into their own pocket for a compact parcel. Packable jackets with extra features, like a zip-out lining and detachable hood, provide the most versatility. The three-in-one-style allows the user to wear either the outer microfiber shell or inner fleece shell alone, or both can be connected and worn together. This aspect provides the most possibilities for changing weather conditions and temperature fluctuations.

Style and Appearance
Packable jackets come in a variety of lengths including those that hit at the waist, mid-thigh or below the knee. Styles range from the trench and anorak, to the Macintosh and windbreaker. Designs with strategically placed drawcords and belts make the jacket snug and form-fitting, while covered storm-flap closures keep button and zipper plackets flat.

Multiple interior and exterior welt, patch or slash pockets may be at chest or waist level. Packable jackets come in a rainbow of colors and prints including neutral tones like navy, beige, camel, white or black and fun, bright shades like yellow, purple, red or green. Many packable jackets also have a lining with a contrasting color or a fun print.