Make Your Own Yoda Costume

Yoda is a Jedi character in the hugely popular movie Star Wars and creating a Yoda costume for a fancy dress party is relatively simple to undertake.

If you would like to make a Yoda costume, you will need to gather together a few materials. Firstly you will need some material for the cloak, preferably an old overlarge green fleece coat with a hood. Alternatively you could purchase a strip of material and make your own cloak and hood. You will also require cardboard, an old jumper or long sleeved top, some face paint and green gloves.

Yoda Costume head

  • The first stage in making the costume is to draw some ears like Yoda’s onto a piece of cardboard. Cut out the ears and the sleeves of the old jumper or top. Next, place one of the ears onto the sleeve of the jumper and draw around it. Cut out the same shape of the sleeve material so that you have two identical pieces. Make sure that you cut the sleeve slightly bigger than the cardboard to ensure maximum coverage. Place the cardboard shape between the two pieces of sleeve material and glue or sew it into place. The first ear of the Yoda costume is complete. Repeat this process for the second ear. Sew the completed ears onto either side of the green hood.

 Yoda costume cloak

  • To make the cloak, take the measurements of the person wearing the costume and ensure that there is enough material. If you have an old coat this will not be a problem. If you are using material, cut out a cloak shape and sew the pieces together. Cut out large pieces for the arms which should be particularly bag. Sew the arms to the cloak or tunic.

Yoda Costume Face and accessories

  • The final stage of making a Yoda costume is the face and hands. Using some face paint, cover the face from the hairline in green face paint. Use other colours to add in more detail as necessary. Put on the green gloves and add further detail using the face paint or other materials. The final touch of the costume is to find an old walking staff, pole or stick which will complete the Yoda costume.