Make your own Frankenstein costume

Shopping for a unique, scary and creative Frankenstein costume often yields dissatisfactory and expensive results, but you can avoid such frustrations by choosing to make your own Frankenstein costume for Halloween this year.

To make your own Frankenstein costume you will need a black blazer, dark tee shirt, dark pants, dark shoes, hair gel, green face paint, black eyeliner, a wire hanger, two one-inch cardboard circles, super glue, wire cutters and aluminum foil. Once you have all of that, all that's needed now is your imagination.


Making your Neck Bolts

  • If you're going to make your own Frankenstein costume, perhaps the most important step is creating a believable set of the Monster's signature neck bolts. Using wire cutters, clip the hook off your hanger and bend the rest of the hanger straight. Then, bend the hanger around the back of your neck, bringing it a little past halfway around your neck. Bend the ends of the hanger perpendicular to your neck. Remove the hanger and clip the ends so there is about one inch of wire sticking out from your neck. This wire will hold your bolts in place.


  • Next, cover the cardboard circles in aluminum foil to create the heads of your bolts. Mold the excess foil into a stem. Once you have created a bolt shape with the foil, put a small amount of super glue on the ends of the bent hanger. Insert the ends into the stems of the bolts and allow them to dry completely.


Outfit and Makeup

  • When you make your own Frankenstein costume instead of purchasing one at a costume supply store, you can play with the look and create something unique to you. If you wish, you can cut the cuffs off the bottom of your pants or the sleeves of your blazer and fray the edges or even cut a few holes. Make it unique to you.


  • Regardless of your clothing choices, Frankenstein's green skin is a must-have. Be sure to paint any exposed skin and not just your face. Then, line your eyes with the black eyeliner and gel your bangs forward. Complete the look with your own finishing touches, like drawn-on stitches or black nail polish, making your Frankenstein costume unique.