Looking After Your Pet Dog

A pet dog can be a wonderful addition to any family or hosuehold, but owners must remember that owning a dog requires a lot of responsibility and care.

A pet dog quickly becomes a treasured member of the family. It is true that a pet dog will love you regardless of your financial situation or your living situation. They will love you when you are in a good mood or on days when you are grumpy and almost unlovable. Your pet dog depends on you for lifelong care, love and compassion.

Taking care of your dog's physical needs

  • You should feed your pet dog a healthy diet. It's up to you to see that it maintains a healthy weight and gets the proper nutrition. Your dog needs a supply of clean water available at all times. Brush and bathe your dog according to what is appropriate for the breed. You should establish a relationship with a local veterinarian and keep a good set of health records on your dog.
  • Your dog needs to be up to date on the necessary vaccines and annual check ups. Let your dog help you with an exercise program. Take it for a walk daily. If possible, provide an enclosed area for the dog to run and play daily. Dog parks are an option for apartment dwellers.
  • Provide a comfortable place for your dog to sleep. Crates can be a comfortable and secure place for your dog while you are away from home. Place a bed for your dog in various rooms of the house so they can be near you when you're at home.

Taking care of your dog's emotional needs

  • Your dog needs a portion of your time and attention each day. Always greet the dog with enthusiasm when you return home. Pay attention to any fears your dog may have such as a fear of thunder.
  • Take steps to ease that fear by providing them a safe haven to retreat to when they're home alone. Stroke them to comfort them when you're home during a storm.