Kavinace - What You Need to Know

Few things can debilitate an individual like a lack of restful sleep but for those who suffer from insomnia and fitful sleep, there is a supplement available that is scientifically developed and backed called Kavinace.

Kavinace is a sleep support supplement that contains two very powerful, clinically proven ingredients: Phenibut and Taurine. Together these two compounds are referred to as Thera Mix 4 and each dose of Kavinace contains 950mg. Phenibut is 4-amino-3-phenybutric acid and it can actually cross the blood brain barrier, which gives it the ability to profoundly influence the brain. Kavinase also contains Vitamin B6.

How Does Kavinace Work?
The Phenibut will bind with GABA receptors in the brain in addition to raising the brain's GABA levels overall. Phenibut also puts a damper on phenylethylamine, a neurotransmitter that contributes to states of over excitement and stress. Taurine also serves to increase GABA levels in the brain in addition to protecting neurons. Taurine protects the brain from excessive ammonia levels, free radical damage and excitotoxicity. New research suggests that Taurine may also inhibit GABA re-uptake in the brain.

So what is GABA?
GABA is essentially the brain's own naturally occurring anti-anxiety drug. Many people who suffer from sleep disruptions don't realize that these episodes are caused by heightened anxiety levels in the brain. GABA is one of the four key neurotransmitters in the brain and serves to keep the others in check; a disruption in the amount of any of the four key neurotransmitters will lead to an imbalance in the other three.

What Users Can Expect From Kavinace
Restful sleep and improved quality of sleep; less anxiety and agitation overall. An increased sense of overall well being. Kavinace is an excellent alternative to pharmaceutical solutions for insomnia with no negative side effects; a worthwhile supplement for anyone desiring more and better sleep.