How to Use Bungee Cords to Tie Luggage to a Roof Rack

Knowing how to tie luggage to a roof rack effectively can save you space in your vehicle and help make your journey much more relaxing.

Bungee cords are regularly used for parachuting, however they are also very handy when you need to tie luggage to a roof rack. These cords are shock absorbent and are able to hold things in place without the need to tie knots, which makes them very popular for people on their travels.

How to arrange luggage on a roof

  • No matter where you are traveling you may need to transport luggage or items in a secure manner. In order to save space, many drivers lie their luggage to their roof racks, however in these instances it is important to use something that ties the luggage safely and securely. 
  • Begin by arranging your luggage on the roof of your vehicle. When doing so, place heavier items on the base and lighter items on top. You should try to arrange your items by width and not height, as these may be less stable when the vehicle is moving.
  • If you have any odd shaped luggage, try to store it inside the vehicle. It can sometimes be unsafe to store luggage to a roof rack if it is not square or rectangular in shape as it is harder to hold in place.

Using your bungee cords to tie luggage to a roof rack

  • Take approximately four bungee cords and run them along the entire width of the rack. Ensure they are the correct lengths to hold your items in place without any risk of falling.
  • Bungee cords are built with a hook at each end. You can use these hooks to hook the bungee cords to the roof rack. Use four bungee cords for the width of the luggage when you tie luggage to a roof rack.
  • Ensure the items look balanced and are tightly fitting with the bungee cords holding them in place. Taking two more bungee cords, run them along the length of the roof rack to tie the luggage once more. This gives added strength and prevents any hazardous activity from occurring.
  • Now you have been able to tie luggage to a roof rack using bungee cords, you should be ready to set off on your journey. For added safety, try purchasing a net that can cover the luggage so that you feel calm in knowing your luggage is safely tied to your roof rack.
  • Taking note of these steps and putting them into place each time you need to tie luggage to a roof rack means you never risk losing belongings or harming other motorists.