How to Unlock Call Barring on an Android

Discovering how to unlock call barring on an Android phone is the key to filtering phone calls, so that any unnecessary calls can be avoided and every important phone call can be taken with ease.

Android phones are taking the smart phone industry by storm. With useful applications like call barring, it’s possible to be in control of your privacy and determine who calls your number. Call barring allows a phone user to block calls coming to or from their mobile phone that they do not wish to have. Whether you decide to use call barring on a regular basis or not, it’s always a good idea to learn how to unlock call barring on an Android so as not to miss any valuable phone calls.

How does Call Barring Work on an Android Device?

  • The aim of call barring on any smart phone device is to allow the owner of the phone to limit the number of people who are allowed to call their phone. These calls can be either incoming or outgoing, meaning the phone owner has complete privacy and control at all times. Phone calls from third party companies or unwanted numbers can be a waste of time for many people with a hectic lifestyle, and so call barring can help to reduce this problem. As well as this, call barring is great for when traveling abroad because blocking calls from getting through to your Android device when abroad means you won’t incur extra costs.

Instructions to Unlock Call Barring on an Android Device

  • If you have used call barring for some time but have come to the conclusion that you would like to turn it off permanently or temporarily, then you can do so by the simple click of a few buttons. This can be a reversible decision so if you wish to reactivate call barring after the deactivation process, it can be done just as easily.
  • To unlock call barring on an Android, visit the menu option on your Android device and click on ‘Settings’. From this option you should see something called ‘Call Settings’. Click on this and then follow by clicking on ‘Additional Settings’. You will be faced with an option named ‘Call Barring’ from which you can choose to disable or activate call barring on all outgoing calls, incoming when roaming calls, Intel calls or voice and video. Choose the option that best suits you and you will have successfully discovered how to unlock call barring on an Android.