How to Treat a Cut on the Paw Pad of a Dog

If your dog has a cut on the paw pad, you must attend to it immediately to prevent infection from setting in and relieve your pet from the discomfort he is experiencing.

The dog’s paw pad has a thick layer of skin that protects the pet and his joints from shocks that arise when he jumps, walks or runs. If there is a cut on the paw pad, your dog is likely to exhibit certain symptoms. You must be aware of these symptoms if you are a pet owner. Some of these symptoms include limping, keeping the injured paw off the ground, refusal to play, withdrawal of the injured paw upon touch, and bleeding of the paw.Some dogs show signs of displeasure when pet owners touch their paws even when they aren’t injured. To get your pet accustomed to you touching his paws, you must start examining his paws for infections/injuries right from an early age. If you see signs of a cut or bleeding you should first treat the paw at home to disinfect it. If the cut is too deep or bleeds severely, it may be best for you to take the dog to a vet.

How to Treat a Cut on the Paw Pad

  • For minor cuts, seat your pet down or get him to lie down so that the paw is easily accessible. Use a clean cotton ball and use friendly anti-bacterial solution to thoroughly clean the area. If your pet doesn’t allow you to perform the task, ask a member of the family to help you out. Once the area has been disinfected, use a soft bandage to cover the paw. This bandage will have to be changed at a later stage so examine the affected paw after a couple of hours and change the bandage if required. Sweat will generally get absorbed by the bandage so make sure you disinfect the paw once again before you cover it with a fresh bandage. There are several over the counter products like Nolvasan Skin & Wound Cleanser that you could use to treat minor cuts.

Attending to a Cut on the Paw Pad

  • If the cut doesn’t heal in a few days, you must take your dog to the vet to get the area examined. The vet may have to perform a few tests to rule out other illnesses. If not, certain medications will be prescribed to speed up recovery. Pets that are injured shouldn’t be allowed to roam outdoors or come in contact with other animals. If there is a cut on the paw pad, restrict your pet’s activity for a few days until he recovers completely. To protect your pet’s paws from damage, fungal infections and other conditions, make it a point to examine your dog’s paws and apply pet friendly moisturizers on the paw pads to nourish them.