How to Transfer Photos from a Storage Card to an iPhone

The transfer of photos from a storage card to an iPhone is not immediately obvious, as the iPhone has no external memory slot, but it is still possible with some savvy technological hints.

In order to transfer photos from a storage card to an iPhone, a peripheral device is essential. The majority of transfer methods rely on uploading photos from the card to a computer, or laptop, and transferring them across from there. However it is possible to transfer photos from a storage card without the use of a computer.

The iTunes Method

  • Using iTunes is perhaps the most commonly used method to transfer photos from a storage card. To do this photos must be uploaded onto a computer and the photos desired for transfer must be stored together in a single folder. This method will not work if the photos are stored in different places or with other photos that are not supposed to be transferred.
  • After photos have been saved, load up iTunes and click on the photo tab. Select the 'Sync Photos' option, then click browse and select the folder. Once this has been done, sync the iPhone to the computer and when it is completed the folder of photos will be on the device. The downfall of this method is that it can only be done from one computer, without wiping the rest of the files on the device.

The App Store Method

  • There are many applications available in the App Store for file transfer. Wifi HD is one of them and there are two versions available; for this purpose the free version works just as well as the paid version. This application allows an iPhone to act as external hard drive. 
  • In order to transfer photos from a storage card a computer must be used as a peripheral device. Once the app is downloaded it allocates itself an IP address where the last four digits make up a port number. Should any problems arise, this number can be changed to bypass firewalls. The specified IP address should be entered into the address bar of any browser.
  • Following this, a screen with the name of the iPhone should load up. There is an option to browse through the files on the computer, allowing files on a storage card to be uploaded to the device. This method is more advantageous than using iTunes as it can be used on any computer. Also, to transfer photos from a storage card, data can be uploaded directly without the need to save to the computer’s hard drive.

The No Computers Method

  • This method can be used between a smartphone with an external memory card and an iPhone. In this instance, a computer is not needed to transfer photos from a storage card. However a third party online storage account is essential; such an account is easily set up and there are many different options. 
  • Photos can be uploaded directly from the smartphone containing the memory card to a secure online storage. The account can then be logged into on the iPhone and images can be selected and saved at will. This method has the most advantages as it does not have to involve a computer and can be done anywhere with internet access.