How to Stop a Dog from Hiking his Leg

Urine marking is an instinctive behavior in dogs, which can prove to be a challenging problem for pet owners, but with the right training techniques you can stop a dog from hiking his leg in the house.

Although it’s important to stop a dog from hiking his leg inside the house, it’s important for pet owners to understand why this behavior happens. Urine marking occurs when a pet wants to mark his territory to lure others pets to his scent when he is ready to mate. Urine marking should not be confused with urinary incontinence. Pets suffering from incontinence tend to urinate in multiple areas of the home due to their weakened bladder muscles. Urine marking, on the other hand is a voluntary behavior that’s exhibited by pets that want to convey a message to other animals.

How to Stop a Dog from Hiking His Leg

  • Urine marking is not exclusively exhibited by male pets. Female dogs are also likely to leave traces of their scent all over the house if they have entered their cycle of heat. It can be quite difficult for pet owners to cope with this problem in the house, especially because of the pungent odor of the urine, the stains that are left behind, and the annoying task of cleaning up every time the dog urinates indoors.
  • To permanently stop a dog from hiking his leg in the house you will have to neuter him when he's still young. If you don’t intend to use your dog for breeding purposes, you should neuter him as it can have several health benefits. If the neutering is done when the dog is several years old, it may not have as great an effect since older dogs become set in their ways and it may be difficult to stop the urine marking even after the medical procedure is done.

Other Ways to Stop a Dog from Hiking His Leg

  • If you don’t want to neuter to your pet, you need to correct this behavior as soon as it starts happening. The best way to stop a dog from hiking his leg is to closely watch the dog’s behavior for a couple of days. Make sure you stop him from urinating the moment he attempts to do so in your presence. Physical punishment is an absolute no. Instead, command your pet to go outdoors when he tries to mark his scent in the home. You could also use a training device to correct your pet’s behavior. These devices emit sounds that are displeasing to the pet. If you can’t get hold of a device like this, simply shove a few coins down an empty soda can and rattle it when your dog urinates inside the home. Clicker training techniques are also useful. If your pet listens to your commands you must positively reinforce this behavior. Praise him verbally and give him a treat if he obeys you.