How to Remove Scratches from a Touch Screen Cell Phone

Scratches on a cell phone can be a nightmare especially when you rely on your phone for work or social matters, which is why it really is important to find ways to remove scratches from a touch screen for good.

People everywhere are looking for ways to remove scratches from a touch screen cell phone. This is because these phones are prone to getting scratched and when overloaded with scratches, it may not be possible for the phone to function properly. There are lots of cell phones on the market nowadays that do not require a keypad. This means you can control the phone and its uses by simply touching the screen of the phone with your finger, which works instead of a keypad. Learning tricks to remove scratches from a touch screen can be a very useful thing to learn in order to keep your phone working properly.

Preventing scratches on a touch screen

  • Each person may have a different reason as to why their phone screen is covered in scratches. If a phone is not properly taken care of you can expect to see scratches appear on the face of the screen as time passes by. This may be because it was in your back pocket when you sat down on a chair or if sharp objects rubbed against it while in a bag or jacket pocket.
  • Alternatively, you may lead an active lifestyle that puts your phone in an unsafe situation. By analysing your lifestyle you can put together ways that will reduce your phones screen damage by using certain methods or by purchasing a phone case.

Removing scratches from a touch screen

  • The most obvious thing to do would be to purchase a screen protector or a phone case/cover. This makes a significant difference and you will not be likely to receive many scratches, no matter how active your lifestyle.
  • If you do not have money to dish out on a phone case, then it is possible to find products around your home. Toothpaste is a popular choice when massaged into the screen with a soft cloth. This helps to remove scratches well and can be used time and time again. Other household products include baking powder and baby powder. When mixed with a few drops of water and worked into a paste, these can be used in the same way as toothpaste. These are the most popular ways to remove scratches from a touch screen, but if you require further help then it is possible to purchase scratch removing products online or in supermarkets.