How to Recover from Burnout

Burnout is an emotional, physical and mental state of mind that makes problems seem insurmountable, but if you recognize the signs early on then you can recover from burnout using simple methods

Burnout causes you to feel emotionally drained, physically weak and pushes past the limit of exhaustion. It becomes difficult to concentrate or care about problems which can have disastrous effects on relationships and work life.

How to recognise, prevent and recover from burnout

  • Burnout can take all of your energy from you and make you feel detached, lonely and cynical. It will make you loathe the very thing that created the burnout; which could be a job you love very much. You will know that you are starting to burn out when every day starts to fell like a bad day and that nothing you are doing is making a difference.
  • You need to gain perspective out of this state of mind so relieving this stress should become your main priority. The first thing you need to do is find the trigger to this stress and burnout. It could be a job, project or some form of responsibility. It is not similar to being stressed because you feel devoid of time, options and motivation.
  • You can prevent burnout by giving yourself time to focus on yourself and by leading a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthily and exercising regularly removes physical stress and also relaxes the mind so that it gives you some clear thinking time and freshens you up. It also lifts your spirits and gives you something positive to aim for.

Ways to recover from burnout

  • If preventing burnout doesn't work and you find yourself deeply rooted in burnout then you need to stop, or come as close to stopping as possible. Take time off from a stressful job or task and give yourself a holiday or period of time to heal.
  • Don't keep it all bottled up either; you may feel like a failure or weak because you are struggling and may want to isolate yourself but sharing the problem can lighten it hugely. Your loved ones can help you with words of encouragement and, as they know you best, can help to advise you on ways to relieve the stress.
  • If you need to recover from burnout then you need to see this as an intervention on behalf of your body and mind. Something in your life is not working and you need to figure out what it is. Maybe you have lost some sense of worth of idealism that accompanied a job. Perhaps you are sleeping less or have lost some close friends and sense of community. Whatever the reason is, it is a personal issue that is close to your heart and must be addressed in order to recover from burnout.