How to Print from a Smartphone

Being able to print from a smartphone allows users to make hard copies of important documents, create their own photos and pictures and provides extra freedom in today's mobile world, whether you have the right software pre-installed or not.

In today's mobile world, almost any room can be turned into an office with your smartphone. Nowadays you can even print from a smartphone, making it easier to keep a record of your important documents. Even if your particular model doesn't come pre-loaded with the necessary software to print from a smartphone there are many places on the internet you can go to download the required program turning your phone into your most essential business tool.

If your phone doesn't have the necessary printing software

  • If your device doesn't have a printing program then it is necessary to download one in order to print from your smartphone; a general Google search should return plenty of hits, but be careful as some malicious websites upload infected files so they can harvest information from your phone or computer. To avoid potentially harmful websites use a trusted download site, once there you can search for 'print from smartphone' and you should find what you're looking for.
  • Two good printing programs are: Jetcet print and Cortado Basic Print, although the latter is better at printing photos and images rather than longer documents. Once downloaded these programs will communicate with a printer via Bluetooth in order to let you print from a smartphone.

If your phone has the required printing software

  • Start off by pressing the menu button on your cell phone taking you to the main menu screen, then select the programs function of you phone. Find the printer program on your mobile phone by scrolling through using the arrow keys and select it by pressing okay.
  • When the program is open highlight the selection that says 'add a printer' and press okay. Your phone should now prompt you to enter the required print information, for example the location of the printer you want to print from. At this point, remember to turn your printer and Bluetooth on.
  • After you have entered the print information close the program. Open the file that you wish to print and then go to the program menu and select the print option, now you will be required to choose which printer you want to print from the printers you have previously added to your phone. Finally select the correct printer and press okay to print from a smartphone.
  • If you use a lot of different printers on a regular basis, enter them all into your smartphone to let you print easily from wherever you are. Also be wary of hidden charges as some software download companies charge for use.