How to Make Your Own Papaya Punch

Papaya punch is one of the fruitiest and tastiest soft beverages around and making your own could hardly be easier.

The papaya is the fruit that comes from the plant Carica papaya. As well as regularly being eaten raw without its skin or seeds, the fruit  can also be used to create many delicious types of drink. The most popular being papaya punch, which is pleasant and rich in flavour for all occasions. With the right equipment and ingredients, papaya punch can be produced with ease.


Punch bowl
Glasses or cups
Decoration for glasses (e.g. Umbrellas, drink stirrers.)
Ice rocks
2oz papaya fruit
1/3 papaya juice
1/2 orange juice
1/2 pineapple juice

These ingredients can be purchased from many local stores or fresh fruit markets. You can even use the juice freshly squeezed from papaya, orange and pineapple. This makes it even more natural and full of flavour.

Be sure to have a generous sized punch bowl and make extra quantities for those who will most certainly want a top up.

Preparing the punch
Now you have your ingredients weighed out and ready to use, it is time to begin creating the concoction that will leave everyone's mouths watering all day long.
Firstly take your punch bowl and fill it with the ice rocks. This keeps the drink cool and great for a hot day. It is best to consume papaya punch at a chilled temperature for the best results.

Now, use a blender to blend the papaya fruit and each juice into a smooth punch. If the consistency appears too thick to be drunk, try adding some water or more of your preferred juice.

Now you've blended your ingredients together, simply pour the juice over the ice rocks in the punch bowl and give it a gentle stir. Use a ladle to transfer the papaya punch to each glass or cup for your guests. Your papaya punch is now complete!
If you wish, you can decorate your glasses or cups with the umbrella, stirrers or even add some sugar on the rim! Straws may also be necessary but papaya punch can be consumed without the use of one.

This is one of the simplest recipes for a pungent punch that many will adore. If you wish to add more texture to your punch then try adding some finely cut pieces of papaya into the punch bowl. This gives extra flavour and a real taste of the fruit in your papaya punch.