How to Make Your Own Minnie Mouse Costume

It is a known fact that girls love to dress up whether it is for special occasions or generally around the house, and by helping your child make their own Minnie Mouse costume, you can ensure they will be the best dressed at any costume party.

Minnie Mouse is a favourite cartoon character for young girls everywhere and to be able to dress up in a Minnie Mouse costume is a dream come true. Do not dish out unnecessary money on an outfit when you can learn to make your own easily.


What you will need for your Minnie Mouse Costume

  • Fabric stores or online stores will supply you with the required items needed for a successful costume. You will need a plain black headband, black felt, black tights or leggings, red and white ribbon, red material with white polka dots, some strong glue and a pair of scissors. Once you have collected these items, you will be ready to start crafting your Minnie Mouse costume.


Start creating your costume

  • Minnie Mouse has big round ears, so this will be created with the headband and the black felt. Cut out two large round circles with the felt and glue them onto the black headband. Use the red ribbon to create a bow. Once you have your bow use the white ribbon to cut out some small white circles. (Use a pencil to sketch the circles before you cut them.) Glue these white circles onto the red bow and attach to the headband with more glue. Leave to one side to dry.
  • Now let's move on to Minnie Mouse's dress. The material you should have purchased for the dress will be red with white polka dots. Do no fret if it is just a simple plain red. Do as you did with the bow and cut some white circles to glue onto the dress. Although be aware that this may take a little more time.
  • Stuff the arms of the dress with tissue to create a puffed up effect. Be sure to take your young ones measurements and stitch the material into a dress that will fit them.
  • Finish the Minnie Mouse costume off with some black shoes, which your child may already own. There you have it! Your very own inexpensive Minnie Mouse costume. Not only is it a money saver but also it's fun to make and you can teach your child some tips to creating something from nothing!