How to Make Your Own Lawn Decorations

Taking care of your garden can be a very satisfying endeavour and you can bring a little creative flair to the task by making your own lawn decorations.

Lawn beautification is a top rated priority for many modern age householders. Lawn decorations happen to play a very important role in this regard. Although there are various expensive ways of decoration, homemakers should also realize that lawns can be decorated without having to break the bank.


Simple Lawn Decorations

  • Householders can easily make their own items for lawn decorations. The price tag attached to the concept is extremely nominal. Wooden craft sign posts can be designed very easily. The virtual world of the internet can prove to be a very important gateway for ideas and designs. Simply download a pattern for the plate from related websites and build it easily with basic tools available in the household basement.
  • You can also create an enclosed porch which can serve as an additional area for receiving guests or leisure spots in pleasant summer months. You can make a small children’s playground with a natural fence made with hedge roses, yew shrubs or boxwood shrubs. Seesaws, swings, merry-go-rounds and small shallow pools can also be bought from toy stores for lawn decorations.
  • If you do not have small kids then you can transform the lawn into a small garden with colorful flower beds, flaunting an array of poppies, interspersed with artificial streams, ponds with colorful fishes and wooden platforms for morning and evening tea.

Trellis’s For Small Lawn Decorations

  • If you have a small lawn, then none of the above ideas will serve your purpose. But this does not mean that small lawns cannot look pretty. For lawns that are frugal, trellises can be used attractively to add a hint of glamour. Trellises are frames made either from wood, iron, bamboos or brass. They come in various intriguing designs, shape and sizes and are perfect for lawn decorations. On these frames you can grow hoards of colorful plants and creepers. You can use the frame as a partition of your porch or create garden enclosure for privacy.
  • Many trellises come with inbuilt flower pots at the base or mounted admirably on the structure. Trellises must be built on weather resistant and termite treated wood. Simple and functional trellises can be built at home if you have basic carpentry skills, but if you need something intricate, then you can either employ a carpenter or purchase the product from stores which sell DIY goods.