How to Install an Overhead DVD Player in a Car

In-car DVD players have become increasingly popular over the last few years and many people look forward to having one of these systems in their car, but if you don't know how to install on overhead DVD player in your car then it will be useless.

In car DVD players can really make that long road trip a lot more pleasant for passengers. They can also be a great asset for parents wanting to keep small children amused while driving. Overhead mounted DVD players are one of the most popular types available. With a bit of technical skill and some careful planning it is possible for a customer to install an overhead DVD player and reduce the overall cost of the purchase.

Preparing to Install an Overhead DVD Player

  • Before starting to install an overhead DVD player it is important to make sure that all the required tools and equipment are available and easily accessible. Basic tools required include; flat head and Phillips (star) screwdrivers, a set of pliers, a small drill with correct size bits, a wire stripping and crimping tool, a socket wrench set, a panel removal tool and a heavy duty craft/industrial knife. A light wooden beam may also be required if the vehicle does not have a correctly located beam between the headliner and roof. This type of installation takes time to do correctly so anything from five hours to a full day should be set aside for completion of the task.

Process to Install an Overhead DVD Player

  • The first step to install an overhead DVD player is to decide where the system is to be installed. It should be installed in a position to allow all passengers in the back of the vehicle to easily see the screen. It may be necessary to remove the courtesy (dome) light to facilitate this. Next, take the bracket supplied with the system, center it from both sides of the vehicle and mark around the bracket. Using the panel tool, loosen one side of the headliner (the ceiling-like panel mounted above the passengers heads and inside the roof of the car). Cut out the outline of the bracket on the headliner. If there is no support beam in line with the cutout then the wooden beam will need to be fixed the the underside of the vehicles roof. Heavy-duty glue works well for this task. Mark and drill at least four holes on the support beam or wooden beam. Fit the bracket to the beam using short screws, usually supplied with the DVD package. Hook up the audio and power wiring as per the instructions that came with the DVD player. Hide the cables inside the headliner and then under one of the removable covers that are mounted over the vertical pillars next to the windshield or between the front and back doors of the vehicle.