How to Get Rid of Mice in the Apartment

Mice invading your apartment or living space is actually a common problem for many people, whether you live in the middle of the city or in the suburbs, but they can be removed with some simple steps.

The first thing you have to do when you realise you have mice in the apartment is to find out where they are entering your living space. Once you have established this, you can start thinking of ways to prevent them entering. 


Preventing mice in the apartment

  • Once you find that you have some mice in the apartment you should check every corner of the apartment for any cracks, gaps or opening that the mice could get in through. They are capable of squeezing through the smallest of holes and none should be left untouched. Fill these with adhesive filler and be especially vigilant looking for areas that have been damaged by water erosion. Look at closets and cupboards also.
  • You should completely clean out the apartment, hoovering and removing any food from any of the counters. By cleaning the whole place you can now be slightly confident that no more mice will come in.


Ways of removing mice in the apartment

  • There are a number of methods of removing mice from your apartment. You can use poisonous pellets, which can be bought in some animal stores or hardware stores. There are different types of poisons - some that make the mice crave water and makes them go outside where they perish. This removes the task of cleaning a dead mouse every morning until you flush them all out.
  • If you are seeking more humane ways of removing them that don't include killing the mice then you can set mouse traps around your apartment. There are all types; some are a sticky pad on which you place some food which attracts the mice. They then get stuck to the surface and you can dispose of them later. Many other types of mousetraps, including electronic versions, can be bought at most hardware stores and are extremely effective.
  • The key thing is not removing them but keeping them away, so remember to fill all gaps and keep your apartment clean, especially with regards to food, which will dramatically reduce the risk of mice in the apartment.