How to Extended GSM Range on your Mobile Phone

The ability to extend GSM range can be helpful for people who struggle with poor signal, however range can be extended by adjusting your phone settings or through the use of attachments.

The GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) network is a world wide lattice of mobile phone masts operated by numerous cellular companies. This system allows you to use your mobile phone in most developed countries throughout the world. However, problems with reception can still result in that all important call being missed and such problems are usually down to mast location or terrain issues. Your GSM range, the distance from a mast your phone can pick up GSM signals from, is usually around thirty five kilometers, but there are ways to extend your GSM range.

On your phone

  • First you should try turning your phone off, removing the battery and allowing it to rest for around five minutes then switch it back on. Do this at least twice a week. You should also allow your cell phone to charge overnight fully at least once every other week. This helps by clearing the soft memory on the device and freeing up battery power for when your phone is searching for a GSM signal.
  • The next step is to remove any unnecessary applications and programs from your mobile phone, as unnecessary memory limits the power available to your phone to extend GSM range. In order to ensure a consistent connection and extend GSM range you should aim to maintain a minimum of fifty percent free storage capacity on your cellular phone. The phone's memory status will either be shown on the main display or will be found in the settings menu.
  • Finally you could consider turning off the phone's data function which will only allow you to make voice calls but will ensure a more stable connection.

Outside your phone

  • An alternative way to extend GSM range is to use an additional cell phone antenna at home or in your car. You can mount the antenna on your roof or attach it to a window to improve your phone signal at home or place it on your car's windscreen.
  • Various other power boosters are also available for mobile phones and can be bought from most major retail outlets. Finally, you might want to consider getting a new phone charger if your old one is not fully charging your phone, keep careful track of how quickly your phone's battery power drops when it's used noting if it's charge falls unusually quickly. Improving your battery power should extend GSM range.