How to Eliminate Fruit Flies in Your House

It can be both annoying and unhygienic when fruit flies decide to take up residence in a home, so knowing how to get rid of the insects can help to ensure your home remains irritant free.

It is important to understand the reasons why fruit flies can breed in any given area, which will lead to a better understanding of how to treat the infestation. Similarly, it will also be necessary to know how to prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Clean Up

  • A good cleaning regime is an essential part of the process for getting rid of fruit flies, as they are attracted to areas where there is a food source. This will not only be fruit, as the name suggests, but also items such as rotting food and stagnant water. 
  • Work surfaces that are used for the preparation of food must be cleaned after each use to ensure they are free from residual crumbs and liquid; an antibacterial cleaning solution will be beneficial in this regard. Wipe jars and bottles after use to prevent drips running down the sides of the container, which can attract fruit flies. 
  • Refuse bins and the area in which they are stored must be checked and cleaned regularly. This will help to ensure that errant particles of waste are not allowed to fester and become a breeding ground for fruit flies. Use a fresh bin liner every time the bin is emptied and ensure the bin remains properly covered. 
  • Where the fruit flies are already a problem, it will be necessary to make use of a trap to capture them. Whilst there are suitable traps on the market, it is also possible to make one at home. Place an overripe piece of fruit in a glass jar and cover the mouth with cling film. Use a fork to pierce several holes where the fruit flies can enter. Once inside, they find it impossible to escape.


  • Avoid leaving any food or unsecured containers out in the open, especially those of sweet foodstuffs. Use, cover or refrigerate fruit rather than leaving it in the open, especially as it becomes more ripe. Compost and piles of vegetation also have the potential to attract fruit flies, so it essential to avoid allowing them to be stored where they abut the external wall. 
  • Discard any standing water, such as that which fills a bucket after having been used to mop the floor. Drains can often suffer a build-up of food particles and must be cleaned thoroughly to ensure this is not allowed to occur. All cleaning implements, such as mops, sponges and cloths must be kept clean and dry.