How to Change the Battery on a Windows Phone

At some time or another a phone may develop problems or need checking over, so ensure you are know how to change the battery on your Windows phone incase you ever have issues.

For most people it is easy as pie to change the battery on a phone without any fuss, however, with the amount of new phones on the market such as the Windows phone it can be a bit of a challenge. Each phone is built differently and each has their own particular way of working, so do not risk breaking your phone by not understanding the correct way to change a battery.

Why it is a good idea to change the battery regularly

  • Mobile phones rely on the power that sources them; this comes from the battery that sends electricity through each individual connection in the phones mechanism. Without a fully working battery your phone may have severe problems, or might not work at all.
  • It is a good idea to keep an eye on your battery to ensure it is working correctly and has a long life ahead of it. Try to clean your battery with a dry cloth from time to time to remove any debris or dust that has built up.
  • Do be aware that any wet material or water that touches the battery can be dangerous and not only ruin the battery, but the phone itself. Take your battery out of your Windows phone and check it's fit (it should be tight and snug in the phone) and also ensure there is no water damage.

How to change the battery on a Windows phone

  • It is rather simple to change the battery and holds many of the same instructions as other phones. Depending entirely on the model of your Windows phone it may be different, but knowing what to expect will make your mission that little bit easier.
  • Begin by removing the back cover of your Windows phone. There should be a button or an area to slide your fingernail under that will allow the cover to pop up. Place this to one side.
  • Secondly, you should be able to see the battery lying in the phone. It is usually rectangular in shape and will probably be black or white in colour. There may be a release button you can use to get the battery out of the phone, if this is not so, carefully slide your fingernail under to get the battery out of your Windows phone.
  • Now, clean your battery and check it over. If it looks in good condition and you do not need to change the battery, pop it back into the phone in the correct manner. Now, you can replace the back cover of your phone.
  • If you believe you do need to change the battery in your Windows phone, go to your local phone store or look online, where you can purchase a new one. Now you know how to change the battery on your Windows phone, you should never have doubts again!