How to Change the Battery on an Android Phone

Android devices allow users to frequently change the battery whenever needs be, but this cannot be done unless you understand how to change the battery without harming your phone.

A person may need to remove or change the battery on their phone for various reasons, whether it is to remove the SIM card, change the battery or for another purpose. Depending on the model of your Android phone it may be different to do so, but knowing how to change the battery in the good old fashioned way is important to know.

How to change the battery on your Android phone

  • To begin with, find the back cover on your Android phone (which shouldn't be hard) and remove this. You should be careful in doing so and not just pull it off without due care and attention as this may ruin your phone. Find the button you press to release the back cover, or alternatively there may be a gap where you can insert your fingernail to release the cover. Once you have done so, you should be able to clearly see the battery.
  • If you are new to Android phones and can not distinguish the phone battery; it should be rectangular in shape and either white, black or gray in colour. The battery will be compact and fit well with the components around it. Use a fingernail once again to pop the battery out of the Android phone and place it on a table. 
  • Now you've managed to remove the battery from your Android phone, keep your phone in good condition and clean the battery. This can be done by simply wiping with a dry cloth. Be sure not to use anything wet as it may affect the connections from the battery to your phone. Now your battery is clean, replace in the correct manner and fit the cover back onto your Android phone.


How to discover problems with your battery

  • If you think there may be something unusual about the appearance of your battery then report the problem to your phone store or wherever you purchased your Android handset.
  • Usually on a phone battery you will see a red and white pattern on the bottom end of the battery. If this has blurred into a red or pink colour then this may mean you have water damage on your phone. This usually means you will need to change the battery to a new one, which can be purchased cheap from a local store or online. 
  • Another thing to concentrate on is how tightly your battery fits into your phone. If it is loose in any way then this should cause concern because a battery must fit snugly to produce the desired effects, no matter what position the handset is held in.
  • Now you know how to change the battery on your Android phone, you can keep up to date with your phones performance and understand if there are any serious complications.