How To Build Your Own Squirrel Baffle

Building your own humane squirrel baffles is a good idea if you are finding these creatures a nuisance on your bird feeders or elsewhere in your garden.

To many, people squirrels are really cute, cuddly creatures that are associated with children's stories. The truth of the matter, is that they are wild animals that can can also be troublesome and quite destructive. They are a particular nuisance if you have one or more bird feeders in your garden. How does one stop them from stealing all the birdseed and destroying the feeder though? Instead of shooting, poisoning or harming them by other means rather use one or more humane squirrel baffles. These devices can be purchased but are also really easy to make.


Method for Making the Most Common Type of Baffle

  • Get a sheet of soft plastic that is about the thickness of that used in soft drink bottles, or slightly thicker works well for building humane squirrel baffles. Using a compass or a piece of string with a nail (or screw) at one end and a pencil at the other, mark out a circle on the sheet of plastic about 16 inches in diameter. Next, draw a radius line (straight line from the centre to the edge of the circle). Cut or punch out a small hole in the centre of the plastic sheet (about the same size as the thickness of the cord on which the bird feeder hangs. Cut out the circle and then along the radius line. Overlap the two edges either side of the radius line slightly to form a peaked shape. Now fasten along the overlapped edge using staples, glue or heavy-duty adhesive tape.


Correct Installation of Your Home-Made Baffle

  • Remove the bird feeder from its location. Tie a knot in the rope that holds it up about halfway to the top of the feeder and slip the baffle over the rope with the open end facing downwards. Install humane squirrel baffles on all your bird feeders in this manner. With slight modifications this device can also be used to prevent squirrels climbing up any posts or poles in your garden.