How to Build a Crib

Buying a crib for your young child is essential, but can leave you out of pocket, which is why many parents try to save the pennies by building their own cribs.

Even if you are not as handy as you'd like to be, it is not as difficult as you may think to build your own crib. As long as you have the equipment and a bit of patience then building a crib can be a relatively easy task.


Tools and Equipment

  • Before you begin building a crib, be sure to obtain the equipment that is needed to complete this task well. Some help may be required to get a good result.
  • You will need some strong glue, wooden boards, some form of saw to cut the wood, a drill and some screws.




  • First of all choose what type of wood you'd like your crib to be made out of. Pine and mahogany are good choices because they are strong and look great.
  • Cut the wooden boards into six pieces, each 54 inches long and two inches thick. Four of these boards will become legs and the remaining two will become rails for the front and back.
  • Take the time to sketch some patterns for the legs onto some paper. Then use a pencil to sketch this onto the wood and cut around it. Be sure to sand down any rough edges for the safety of your child.
  • Trim some slats for the sides of your crib and sand these down also. Once this is done glue the slats together with the rest of the crib. Use a clamp to hold the wooden pieces together until it sets.
  • Finally, make some rails upon which the mattress will rest. This is crucial for your child to rest upon so make sure the safety and sturdiness of the crib is at its best. Finish off by painting or varnishing the wood and adding a mattress.
  • Once you have finished building the crib, it is always a good idea to test it before putting your baby in it. Any heavy substitute will determine if the crib is sturdy enough for your little one.