How to Apply for Government Grants for Home Repairs for Home Owners

Government grants for home repairs are great financial tools that you can apply for when you need to undertake renovation or rehabilitation work in your home but don’t have the means to do so.

Grants are appealing since, unlike loans, you don’t need to pay them back. To qualify for government grants for home repairs you need to meet certain eligibility requirements, which would mostly involve your financial standing and income level. Most, if not all, home repair grants are targeted to individuals who belong to the low income bracket.


  • When looking for government grants for home repairs, be wary of scams. The Internet in particular is crawling with sites that offer people help in finding or securing grants in exchange for money. Keep in mind that government grants for home repairs are offered for free and that you don’t need to pay anything when applying for one. So, if you come across a company that offers you help in finding or securing a government grant for a fee, more often than not it’s a sham.

Searching for a grant

  • One of the fastest ways to search for government grants for home repairs is to look on the Internet. Go to the website of the US Department of Agriculture and search for home repair grants available in your area. Get to know the eligibility requirements as well as the processes involved when applying for a particular grant.
  • The Home Repair Loan and Grant Program is designed for senior citizens who need to have repairs done in their home. To qualify, you must be at least 62 years old. You can use the money from this grant to improve the habitability and safety of your home. 
  • The Housing Preservation Grant Program on the other hand is a federal program that gives money to organizations that help low income individuals repair or rehabilitate their home.

What's covered?

  • Government grants for home repairs do not cover all types of home repairs. Generally speaking, grant money only covers repairs that can make a home more safe and sanitary. Examples of repairs covered by federal grants are roof replacements, plumbing repairs, mold removal, and structural repairs. You may also be able to secure a grant to weatherize your house or improve accessibility to the disabled and elderly.

Applying for a grant

  • Once you have found a grant that is suitable for you, you may begin the application process. For questions or clarifications on application procedures, you can visit or contact the USDA office in your area. You can also seek help from any related federal or state agency. Applications for some government grants for home repairs can also be easily accomplished online.