How to Apply For First Time Business Owner Grants

First time business owner grants can come from a number of sources, but you will need to know where to look and how to apply for the grants in order to obtain the money that you need for your business.

First time business owner grants can be a vital cash injection if you are starting your own business. The money can be used to secure premises, purchase stock, carry out research, or marketing your products and services. But who offers these grants? The government will have a limited number of grants available. Some private companies too may offer grants to enterprising business owners. There are even some charities that will offer business grants.

The Type of Grant for Your Business

  • Not all grants are the same, and the type of grant that you apply for will depend on the type of business you have. Some councils and private companies will offer first time business owner grants only for certain fields. For instance if your local or national government is focused on renewable energies, they will prioritise funding for businesses that are in line with their goals. You will need to apply for these grants directly to the government, and supply proof and well-founded research to back up your application.

Private Company Grants

  • Many larger private companies will offer first time business owner grants in certain fields, in particular technology. There is often a lot of competition for this kind of grant, as the company will also offer good business advice a long with the grant. Before applying for this type of grant though, an owner should research past recipients, and in this way make sure that they are eligible to apply. A business will be able to apply for a grant either online or by paper application, which must be requested.

Charitable Organisations

  • First time business owner grants will also occasionally come from charities, which often specialise in environmental matters. A business can apply directly to the charity with their case for needing a business grant, together with proof on how their work compliments the work of the charity.