Guaranteed Scholarships - Financial Support for Students

Applying for guaranteed scholarships is a great way for students to get the financial help they need to pay for their college expenses and give them one less thing to worry about while trying to get their degree.

There’s no question that going to college is expensive. For many students, going to college means taking out thousands of dollars in student loans. Fortunately, students also have other options. Students that qualify may apply for guaranteed scholarships to help fund their education.

Who Can Apply For Guaranteed Scholarships?
To apply for these scholarships, students must meet a few minimum requirements. Most scholarships require students to have a certain GPA and meet other simple criteria. For example, there are guaranteed scholarships available to students of certain minorities. Once students understand what qualifications they need to meet, they may want to gain a better understanding of what these scholarships offer.

What Exactly is a Guaranteed Scholarship?
While the name "guaranteed scholarship" may make it seem like every student will receive the scholarship, this isn’t exactly the case. Guaranteed scholarships are those that are not given out to a specific number of students. As long as a student meets the minimum requirements, they are guaranteed to get the scholarship. This means that students usually won’t have to attend an interview, write an essay, submit a portfolio or otherwise audition for the scholarship. Guaranteed scholarships are noncompetitive. However, once a student receives a scholarship, they will need to meet certain criteria to keep it.

What Students Need to Do to Keep their Guaranteed Scholarship
Just because a student received a guaranteed scholarship one year, does not mean that they will receive the scholarship throughout their entire college career. To keep these scholarships, students must usually maintain a certain GPA and/or meet other criteria. Fortunately, these scholarships are not usually difficult to maintain.  While most students believe that they will need to rely on student loans to pay for college, there are other options to consider. Guaranteed scholarships are one of the best options for students that need a little extra help with their tuition.