Grow Your Own Granny Smith Apples

Growing your own dwarf granny smith apples is an easy and enjoyable past time and there is nothing quite as exciting as picking an apple straight from the tree, especially when that tree is located in your own backyard.

There are many advantages to having your own dwarf granny smith apple tree. Chief among them is taste. Homegrown apples taste much better than store bought apples. When you pick your own apples, you know they are fresh and that they haven’t been trucked or flown in. You also know what the apples have or have not been sprayed with. Finally, a dwarf apple tree grows only 6-10 feet tall and so it will fit into any size yard.

Planting Your Apple Tree
Once you have bought your dwarf granny smith apple tree, you have to plant it. Proper planting is the key to a long, healthy life for any tree. Select a location that gets a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight a day. Dig the hole as deep as the roots of the tree and twice as wide. If the tree is potted, gently remove it from the pot and loosen the soil about the roots before carefully place the tree in the hole. If the tree is bare root, place it in the hole and gently spread the roots out.
Now fill the hole slowly, carefully mixing the soil that was removed with good topsoil or compost. Do not add soil above the potting soil (for potted trees) or the painted mark on the trunk of a bare root tree. Planting the tree too deeply in this way can cause it to rot and die. Apply a thick layer of mulch around the tree, being careful not to pile the mulch around the trunk, then water thoroughly.

Caring for Your Apple Tree
Keep your apple tree well-watered for the first year. Thereafter water it during exceedingly dry weather. Apply new mulch as needed and fertilize in the spring. Remove any diseased or broken branches.
That’s it! If you take proper care of your dwarf granny smith apple tree, you can expect a bountiful reward every summer.