Great Gift Ideas for Your Older Brother

Purchasing gifts for other people can be a challenging task, but people who are close to you like an older brother can be easier to shop for if you rely on what you know about them.

Knowing that every person would at least have spent child hood with an older brother, it should not be too difficult to find him a gift he will enjoy. In order to find the right gift, you need to set yourself a budget and then know what you are looking for so you don't waste time and get frustrated.

Hobbies are Helpful

  • If you know what your brother likes to do in his free time, then you are bound to find him the perfect present in no time. For example, if he is a musician, then you can buy him a pedal, music books, vouchers from music shops or a new case for his instrument. If he paints, consider buying him some art supplies. Cooks will enjoy funky cooking supplies or recipe books, and avid readers will likely appreciate a new book in their collection. 

Fun Activity for Two

  • Once again, knowing what an older brother likes is helpful in purchasing him an activity that he can enjoy with the person of his choice. For a brother that is a fan of sports, you can purchase tickets to a football match of the team he supports or a tennis match if there are any tennis competitions in your country. You can also buy him tickets to see his favorite band or musician play live, but make sure he hasn't already done that himself. 
  • Perhaps buying him tickets to a stand-up comedy act would be more of a surprise because it is not something people do often. Check when one of the comedians he would find funny come to your area and buy him a night of laughter and enjoyment.

More Obvious Gifts That Appeal to Most Tastes

  • If you really don't know your older brother or don't think he will enjoy any of the gift ideas mentioned above, then you can rely on popular tastes. The safest choice would be an iPod because there is hardly anyone who does not enjoy listening to music. 
  • If a musical device is out of your budget, then you can buy him an iTunes voucher so he can choose from a variety of games, applications, movies and music. Depending on how old your older brother is, you can also buy him an expensive pen, which does not have to cost you more than $65, and give him the pleasure of always having a nice pen to carry around with himself.