Getting the Most Out of Your Recreational Ice Skates

Recreational ice skates are a wonderful investment for both your health and your free time and you can get the most out of your skates by choosing the correct skates, keeping them sharp, finding the right venue for skating and devoting plenty of time to practice.

Recreational ice skates typically come in two varieties: figure skates and hockey skates. The two styles are quite different. Figure skates are streamlined and slim compared to bulkier hockey skates. They will perform well if you are looking to perform tricks, jumps or dance moves on the ice. Hockey skates are heavier-duty and will withstand a rough-and-tumble hockey game, while simultaneously protecting your feet and ankles. Choose the type of skate that best fits your goals for ice skating.
Similarly, select skates in the proper size. The skate should fit your foot snugly, allowing you maximum control and maneuverability on the ice. A loose-fitting ice skate will not perform well and could cause injury.

Keep Your Skates Sharp
Recreational ice skates only perform well if they are properly sharpened. Proper sharpening insures that your skates will grip the ice and help you maintain control. Sporting goods stores will sharpen skates but look to professional skating rinks for the best quality sharpening.

Find the Right Venue for Skating
Use your recreational ice skates in locations that enhance the skating experience. Look for enjoyable atmospheres, such as rinks in beautiful city surroundings or frozen ponds in the snowy countryside. Find locations which allow you to skate for free, allowing you to reap the rewards from the investment in your ice skates. Skate in off-peak times to avoid crowds and allow yourself room to practice.

Get Out and Skate!
Recreational ice skates will continue to benefit your health while lifting your spirits. The more you skate, the better you will become and the more you will enjoy your skating experience.