Fun Things to do on a Double Date

Going on a double date should be a fun and relaxing experience and there are dozens of options available to choose from to ensure a fun evening for everyone.

A double date is completely different to a conventional one-on-one date and it opens up many possibilities to try some new and fun things which can help to break the ice and get to know people better. You can use the chance of a double date to try new places and get to know people in a new and fun way. There is less pressure so you have more freedom and choice in terms of places to go and things to do.

Use some regular places to go on a double date:

  • If this is the first date that you are going on with the person then ideally you will want to go somewhere you can talk and get to know each other. As there will be more than two of you the chances of conversation dying down is less likely so take advantage and go to places where you conversation will be easily made. Going bowling is a fun idea because there will be some light competition which can be fun and it is a good way to bond with your date if you split into teams.
  • The zoo is also a good idea if the weather is nice because it allows you to walk around and the constantly changing surroundings give you plenty to talk about and see.

Use seasonal places for double dates

  • Depending on the weather near to where you live you can go to places like an amusement park. These are always great for a double date because they are exciting and full of laughing and jokes. You want to keep the mood happy so this would be a perfect place for it. Other places like this are ice rinks where you can go ice skating. This opens up the possibility to hold on to each other and flirt.
  • If any of you have a car then you could plan a trip to the beach on a nice day. This is an ideal double date as it allows for a fun day out and a way to get to know each other better. Bringing a picnic with some food and drink will also add to the fun on the date.