A Few Cures for Puffy Eyes

Having puffy eyes feels uncomfortable and it doesn't do much for your confidence, however, there are some great solutions solutions available to make your eyes fresh and sparkling again.

If you have sore or puffy eyes after a night out, from no sleep, from being upset, or just from a hard day's work, then it can make you feel old and tired. Trying to mask puffy eyes with makeup can sometimes make the appearance worse, so it is best to try and reduce the puffiness first.

Some traditional methods

  • A spoon cooled in the fridge then rested on the eye sockets can help soothe and reduce the swelling of puffy eyes. The same can be said for warm tea bags, particularly camomile, although any type of tea will work. Cold slices of cucumber and tomato can help to reduce puffiness around the eyes, too, and also have a refreshing effect. Keep your head upright and avoid laying down (unless you are catching up on some sleep!) as this makes the flow of blood to the head reduce, which in turn, reduces swelling. If you regularly get swollen eyes, you may want to take a look at the causes. Perhaps you have an allergy to something or are not getting enough sleep. When you do sleep, prop your head up on more than one pillow, which will reduce pressure on your face and head. Too much salt or alcohol in the diet could cause puffy eyes, too.

New fixes

  • There are some great products on the market, such as teatree or cooling roll-on eye gel that soothes puffy eyes and reduces dark circles as well. Tightening eye creams also help when applied twice daily, but ensure they are specifically for eyes as it is a sensitive area prone to 'crepe' or redden if the wrong products are used. When it comes to applying make up, then a shade lighter than your skin, dabbed around the socket (don't rub in, this causes wrinkles!) should make a good base for hiding puffy eyes. Then, brush some light eyeshadow over the top. Never use eye makeup with a yellowish base and certainly avoid any black makeup as this will make the appearance worse.