Fashion Tips For Silver Belly Chains

If you trace the origin of silver belly chains, you'll find that they were the accessory of choice for Egyptian ghawazi dancers, or as we know them, belly dancers.

Today, silver belly chains are used by women who want to bring attention to their midriff and stay in step with the latest style. Silver belly chains can be worn with or without a piercing attachment that connects to the navel and is the go to accessory for a more bohemian look. Worn just below the navel, they can be accentuated by personal trinkets such as jewelry and beads or used by themselves for a subtle addition to your look. If you're thinking of wearing one, or already do and just want a little something extra, there's plenty of ways make a few alterations to fit your tastes. While silver belly chains are already a strong fashion statement, there's always the option of being a little more daring.

Combination Chains
The silver belly chain/necklace combo begins as a standard necklace and extends by a single strand to connect with the belly chain. Of course only a portion of it can be seen wearing a midriff, unless you plan to wear the entire ensemble on the outside of your top, but the silver harness-like effect is definitely a cutting edge look contrasted with a jet black top. For a more ornate look around the stomach, the looping silver belly chain uses multiple strands that form a series of ovals that wrap around your waist. This is definitely a more "formal" look and perfect for turning heads.

Single Chains
Making an unconventional fashion statement is one thing, but don't forget the classic, minimal look can lead to an understated appeal, and dress up a pair of jeans with a white, shimmel t-shirt. Silver belly chains can be worn one or two strands at time. The trick here is to purchase the highest silver to copper alloy ratio you can afford to give you that boost of confidence that comes from owning the real thing.

Measuring Yourself
When you're measuring yourself for a chain, measure just above the hip, and remember, it's not a belt, so leave enough room for comfortable movement.