Easy Cardio Exercises to Do at Home

If you're looking to improve your physical well-being without the cost of an expensive fitness club or the stress of a strict workout regimen, consider working into your daily routine a variety of easy cardio exercises to do at home.

The purpose of cardio exercise is to raise the heart rate, get blood pumping and improve the body's ability to use oxygen. It doesn't matter what extremities one moves in order to raise the heart rate, however what it important is maintaining constant movement over an extended period of time.


Keep it simple and practical

  • One of the easiest cardio exercises to do at home is jumping rope. A jump rope is inexpensive, portable and storable. By jumping rope, both the arms and the legs are simultaneously in motion, which offers a top quality workout for the amount of time invested. You could also jump rope while watching television or listening to music.


  • How about dancing? Dancing is one of the easiest cardio exercises to do at home and is an ideal activity for families with young children. If space is limited, jazz or aerobic dancing is a perfect cardio workout to do indoors, otherwise you could just as well square dance or cut loose to some good old rock and roll. The more energetic the music, the more energetic the dance, which is good news for hearts!


Make housework your workout

  • Ask any home-maker and they will tell you that certain household chores done over an extended period of time require a good deal of physical exertion and provide a hidden cardio workout.  If you've ever spent a couple hours washing windows, you've no doubt discovered how strenuous it can be. You can, however, turn that drudgery into an exercise session. Not only are the arms in constant motion, but having to climb up and down a stepladder increases the cardio effect.


  • Take advantage of nice weather and spruce up the garden. One effective pulse-raising workout you can easily do outdoors is vigorously raking leaves over a wide area.


  • Should you run out of simple cardio exercises to do at home, try the easiest cardio workout of all - walking. Schedule a daily brisk walk to the mailbox or down to the local shop. You will be surprised what effect a little stroll can have on your body's health.