Do Microbead Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

Microbead hair extensions have become a popular fashion accessory due to their durability and versatility; with the proper application and maintenance, they can be a stylish and safe application to your hair.

Microbead hair extensions are applied with methods that do not use hot irons or bonding adhesives. Instead, individual sections of real human hair are attached close to the scalp with small metal beads that are matched to the existing hair color.

Hair Extension Consultations
First-time clients considering microbead hair extensions should have an initial consultation with an experienced hair stylist who is ideally trained in applying these types of extensions. Clients should feel free to ask about a stylist's prior experience, since correctly attaching microbead hair extensions takes practice. This consult also provides the opportunity to ask questions regarding the process, cost and any special considerations about caring for the extensions.

Care and Maintenance
Microbead hair extensions should last for six months at a time and most stylists will recommend certain shampoos, conditioners and styling products intended to extend the life of the extensions. Adjustable microbead hair extensions are used the most frequently. These are attached with the metal beads against the scalp and will gradually loosen as the hair grows out. Clients will therefore need to have them tightened every two to three months. Hair that may come out during extension-tightening is due to natural shedding of old strands rather than actual breakage and should not be a cause for concern.

Wearing properly attached microbead hair extensions should never be painful, though there is often some temporary discomfort during the application process. Some clients report mild headaches during the first couple of days of wearing them but these should go away after a short amount of time. Activities such as playing sports and swimming can be done as usual without damage to the hair extensions as long as they are kept clean and conditioned normally.