Dealing With a Moody Teenage Girl

Moody teenage girls can go from happy and smiling to depressed and angry in a blink of an eye and with all these sudden mood changes to deal with, it is necessary to know how to properly handle them.

It is not uncommon for teenage girls to become moody and withdrawn for no particular reason. Many parents have trouble with their child's rapid mood swings once they reach puberty and to deal with this requires a certain amount of patience and understanding of how difficult this time of a teenagers life can be. It is typically during the pre-adolescence and middle adolescence phases that teens go through their bouts of moodiness.

How to deal with a moody teenage girl

  • Talking to a moody teenage girl can be difficult at times but it is always important to understand that the teen is feeling as frustrated as the parent and hormone changes are the cause of mood swings. The teen may not know how to deal with these new feelings and will need their parents' support to help them understand and develop.
  • It is important to give the teenager space and allow them to cool down and collect their thoughts and then pick a time when they are feeling open and calm before making suggestions and expressing thoughts. Even though space is important, it is more important to set limits with the teenage girl as they still need structure to allow them to continue to learn what is right and wrong.

Tips to deal with moody teenage girls

  • Choosing the right battles with a moody teenager is necessary to ensure there is not another extra strain on the relationship and to ensure that they are not stretching limits. A parent should not take their teenagers mood swings to heart, it is safe for them to verbally lash out at the parent knowing they have their unconditional love.
  • It could also be helpful to ask teens to note down their mood swings to see if their is a correlation with their monthly cycle to allow them to learn new things about themselves and how they are developing. This is something that all teenage girls go through and they should be reminded of this fact so they don't feel alone.
  • It is important to be aware of dramatic changes in their moods, for example, a constantly low mood as this could be a sign of teen depression, which could have developed from a host of different pressures from school to peer pressure. If this is the case, then treatment and advice should be sought from healthcare professionals.